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Strategic Accounting Services is a family run, full service accounting firm based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We understand how difficult it can be to own and operate a business. Tax laws are always changing and it’s hard to keep up! We’re not here to just do the numbers…We’re here to help you grow your business!

Tax Season Starts February 1st!

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin Tax Preparation Service

As tax season is just around the corner, I wanted to send you a quick update.  Tax season starts on February 1, 2018. I ask that you please verify that you have all documents prior to making your tax appointment. If you have me file your taxes and then realize after the fact that you are missing documents, there will be an extra fee to amend your taxes. I will always be happy to reschedule your appointment in order to account for missing documents, but it takes a lot more time and work to amend taxes, so please…do us both a favor and verify you have all your stuff.

I am in the same location as last year. Use the first rear entrance and you go downstairs.  If you need use of the elevator, please let me know prior to your appointment and I’ll unlock the front door.

My website has been updated and you can find an assortment of forms and information available here. I’m always happy to assist you over the phone, text or email if you have questions about Tax Preparation Service, Taxes etc, so please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. If I’m unavailable, I will return your call as soon as I can.

With the new tax reform that was passed in December, we are still waiting to see exactly which laws are changing for 2017 taxes vs. 2018, however, I will have updated software by February1st.

On the next page of this letter, you will notice a change in some pricing this year. The basic pricing has not changed, however there is an increase of you are running a business or own rental properties. I need to account for the difference in time that it takes to process these types of taxes. Also, I will no longer be grandfathering old pricing. Overhead costs continue to rise and I cannot afford to still be charging the same rates as 2010. What this means is that if you have a long form and I’ve been charging you an old rate, you will see a raise in rate to the current price. There are ways of offsetting the cost of your taxes though! I am offering a referral discount again. For every paid set of taxes referred to me by you, you will receive $10.00 off your set of taxes. If you refer after your taxes are done, I will mail you a referral gift certificate after tax season is finished for the following year(s).

I am looking for a few people willing to set up advertisements at their workplaces with an 8″x10″ ad and business cards. When a new client comes, I will find out where they heard of me and you will get the referral bonus for EVERY new client I get from that location.

Thank you for making Strategic Accounting Services 15 years strong this year. I wouldn’t be living my dream without each and every one of my amazing clients. I’m proud to be able to call many of you my friends, too.

Sarah L. Weber

Owner / Accountant


We do not accept walk-in appointments. Please call (920) 279-0155 to schedule an appointment so we can give the amount of time and attention you need and deserve. Weekend hours always fill up fast, so we will have more availability if you’re able to schedule an appointment during week days. However, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your schedules.

2018 Price Guide

  • Bookkeeping (Hourly Rate): $50.00
  • 1040 EZ (Federal and Wisconsin): $50.00
  • 1040 A (Federal and Wisconsin): $100.00
  • 1040 (Federal and Wisconsin): $150.00
  • Rental Properties (Each Property): $50.00
  • Additional State returns (Each): $25.00
  • Amended Federal Taxes: $75.00
  • Amended State Taxes: $25.00
  • Partnership Taxes (Form 1065): $350.00
  • S Corp Taxes (Form 1120): $400.00
  • Schedule C Business Taxes: $100.00
    (In addition to the 1040 Form $250.00 Total)

Military Discount

This year I’m also running a special for all current or former military members. Please bring in your military ID for 10% off your taxes. I will be doing this with different groups of HERO’s every year to show my great appreciation for all of you out there that put your lives on the line for us.