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Strategic Accounting Services is a family run, full service accounting firm based in Berlin, Wisconsin. We understand how difficult it can be to own and operate a business. Tax laws are always changing and it’s hard to keep up! We’re not here to just do the numbers…We’re here to help you grow your business!

Tax Season Starts February 1st!

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Berlin, Wisconsin Tax Preparation Service

2020 has finally come to an end and I am looking forward to a fresh start this year!  Tax season is just around the corner and I want to take this opportunity to send you a yearly update.  Tax season starts on Monday, February 1, 2021.  I ask that you please verify that you have all documents prior to making your tax appointment.  If you have me file your taxes and then realize after the fact that you were missing documents, there will be an extra fee to amend your taxes.  I will always be happy to assist you but it takes a lot more time and work to amend them, so please… do us both a favor and verify you have all your stuff.

My website has been updated and you can find an assortment of forms and information here.  I’m always happy to assist you over the phone, text or email if you have questions, so please don’t hesitate in contacting me anytime.  If I’m unavailable, please leave me a voicemail and one of us will return your call as soon as we can.  Please don’t contact me on Facebook or Messenger as I don’t check them during tax season.  Texting (920) 279-0155 is fastest as I’m getting back to people in between customers.

All pricing from last year is the same, however, no grandfathering of old pricing will be done going forward.  I simply cannot continue doing business at the old rates.  Please understand that some changes can occur due to the complexity of tax law changes as well as your personal tax situation.  New homes, kids, retirement account withdrawals, and education expenses all contribute to your taxes and the cost of your returns to process.  The base rate is $75.00 for a Federal and State Return.  Additional charges will be added per schedule based on the complexity of the schedule and tax laws involved.  The fee will max out at $150.00 for personal taxes (the same as it has been for years).  There is also a $10.00 fee for me to mail paperwork back to the client.  If you pick up your documents at either location, this fee will be waived.

Two Locations:

Starting this year, I’ll be taking in-person appointments both in the Berlin office as well as my HOME office in Oshkosh.  My schedule for locations is listed below.  I will not do taxes on Tuesdays due to payrolls I run for business clients as well as sales taxes etc. Every other weekend will be rotated by both locations.


Oshkosh (HOME) Office:                                                          Berlin Office:

EVERY Wednesdays and Thursdays                                            EVERY Mondays and Fridays

Weekend Dates:                                                                         Weekend Dates:

February 13-14                                                                          February 6-7

February 27-28                                                                          February 20-21

March 13-14                                                                              March 6-7

March 27-28                                                                              March 20-21

April 10-11                                                                                April 3-4



COVID Update:

To keep all my customers as safe as possible, I have decided to offer a series of tax season filing options.  I will be working out of the Berlin office as well as my Oshkosh HOME office.  I’ll be accepting taxes by mail, email, drop-offs at either location as well as in-person appointments at both locations.  Drop-offs will be accepted at the front desk in Berlin and outside of the house in a big white drop box at my home.  Please make sure you fill out the attached intake form for EVERY set of taxes you are dropping off so that I can get back to you with questions or issues.  Extra copies will be available at the front desk in Berlin as well as inside the dropbox for your convenience.  Please place only one set of taxes per envelope in the dropbox.  They are also available inside the dropbox cover.

For in-person appointments, please note the following:

  • NO KIDS. They don’t need to be exposed to a high traffic area as tax season brings, and neither location is equipped to have kids.  It’s not personal, but it will take much more time to disinfect between clients if I’m cleaning up sticky prints.
  • NO EXTRA people. I only require the actual taxpayer(s) present to sign and pay for the returns.
  • Show up on time. Appointments are scheduled for an hour on average… I don’t keep extra time blocked off for a buffer. I do have a small waiting area at both locations, but we try to keep them empty to keep people healthy.
  • Schedule for actual returns you are bringing with you. I set this time up specifically for you.  By bringing more or fewer returns, I am either wasting time I could be working with someone else, or I may not have enough time to finish everything you want to be done.
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED. As much as I hate them, I am seeing over 4,000 clients in just 12 weeks.  I could potentially get people sick without ever seeing symptoms myself.  I have a plexiglass barrier guard on both of my desks as well as I will be disinfecting between clients.  I will also be wearing a transparent face shield so I can be seen by you without increasing the spread of this virus.
  • Be prepared to be flexible. If I’m exposed, I will go into a quarantine period to verify I don’t get anyone else sick.  I’ll make sure your taxes get done, but an in-person appointment might need to be rescheduled.  I love my clients and I don’t want to lose any of you.
  • IF YOU ARE EXPOSED please have the respect to me and all the other customers to RESCHEDULE your appointment. I will go above and beyond my normal accommodations to make sure you don’t have to wait for months to get back in.  I’m beyond flexible and I do that so that we all stay safe and healthy.


Please call and schedule an appointment early so I can make sure I can give you the amount of time and attention you need and deserve.  If you wish to drop off, email, or mail your documents to me, I will be happy to give you a call when they get done for you to pick up.  I will be available from 8:00 am till at least 6:00 pm every day including weekends.  Weekend hours always fill up fast, so if you are available during the weekdays, I’m more available, however, I’ll do whatever I can to accommodate your schedules.

Thank you for your continued business.  I wouldn’t be living my dream without each and every one of my amazing clients.  I’m proud to be able to call many of you my friends too.



Sarah L. Weber

Owner / Accountant



We do not accept walk-in appointments. Please call (920) 279-0155 to schedule an appointment so we can give the amount of time and attention you need and deserve. Weekend hours always fill up fast, so we will have more availability if you’re able to schedule an appointment during week days. However, we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your schedules.

2021 Price Guide

  • Bookkeeping (Hourly Rate): $50.00
  • 1040 (Federal and Wisconsin): $75.00 – $150
    Prices will vary based on schedules
  • Rental Properties (Each Property): $50
  • Additional State returns (Each): $25
  • Amended Federal Taxes: $75
  • Amended State Taxes: $25
  • Partnership Taxes (Form 1065): $400
  • S Corp Taxes (Form 1120): $400
  • Schedule C Business Taxes: $100
    (In addition to the 1040 Form $250 Total)
  • Shipping Fee for Mail-ins or Drop-offs: $10