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Office Locations & Appointments

I will again be taking in-person appointments both in the Berlin office as well as my HOME office in Oshkosh. My schedule for locations is listed below. I will not do taxes on Tuesdays due to existing commitments for business clients. Every other Saturday will be rotated by both locations.

Berlin Office Update:

As many of you already know, Attorney Lloyd recently sold the building that I’ve been renting space in for the past five years. Although the Lloyd Law firm is no longer there, I still am. The new owners have been gracious enough to let me stay. There will be a bit more restrictive times to drop off and pick up taxes as there is currently no staff unless it’s our scheduled days in town. All drop offs and pick-ups need to be done on Mondays and alternating Saturdays (schedule on the next page) from at least 7:00am to 7:00pm.

Animal Alert:

For both new and existing customers, I have a French Bulldog at my home office in Oshkosh. If you are afraid of animals or have allergies, please consider going to the Berlin office or mailing/dropping off paperwork. I can lock the dog up, however, that won’t change your allergies.

Berlin, Wisconsin Office

Weekday appointments available:

  • EVERY Monday

    Saturday appointments available:

    • February 10
    • February 24
    • March 9
    • March 23
    • April 6

    Book an online appointment at our Berlin office:


    120 E Huron Street
    Berlin, WI 54923

    Oshkosh, Wisconsin Home Office

    Weekday appointments available:

    • EVERY Wednesday
    • EVERY Thursday
    • EVERY Friday
    • EVERY Sunday

    Saturday appointments available:

    • February 3
    • February 17
    • March 2
    • March 16
    • March 30
    • April 13

    Book an online appointment at our Oshkosh office:


    425 Zarling Ave
    Oshkosh, WI 54901